About The Woodland Wandolier

Catherine Jabusch is The Woodland WandolierI’m Catherine, a self-taught mixed media artist who believes in the power of saying yes to nurturing our imagination, connecting to our intuition and delighting in our playful nature, no matter our age.

Home is a lush, primordial forest in the Pacific Northwest where I collect natural materials to create art- items that I so love sharing with you. 

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that by tapping into my own creative process I can help others find their own personal magic. My love of the plant world mingles with my artisan spirit and carries me along in the flow until I find myself as part of each piece, both the pieces in my hand and the pieces of my heart. 

When I step into this powerful place and align with mystery, a channel opens to a unique creative vision and collaboration with other dreamers. It’s in this place that I feel most alive and tuned in.


My focus tools are your portal. I’m a bridge between this abundant natural world and those who want to experience it.


Magic wand with crystal


I love the connection with

the forest lovers who cherish these textural, colorful pieces of it,

the party planners who create a feeling of fantasy,

the moms who surprise their wizards with an Elder wand,

the women who carry their wand secretly, as a hairstick, to free up their hands for making magic in their day.

There are the Mothers of Dragons leveling up their day,

the theater maven creating a character,

handfasting officiates adding magic to their rituals.

Conductors assuring magic in the music.

Pagans calling in their spirits and guides.

Witches setting their altars with focus tools and practice pieces.

They all remember their power and call in the bliss that can be


"It doesn't stop being magic just because you know how it works."

Terry Pratchett

Picture from the Woodland Wandolier's forest. 

I share with you a sacred space that has been cultivated by rituals and rooted in spirit. The winding paths hold a tower built with love, sweat and learning. This ground and what it means is woven into my work, is part of my power. When I get stories and photos of my magical forest delights out in the world, beyond my primordial land covered in moss, towering trees and springtime blooms that any sleeping stone troll would be happy to wear in their hair, the circle becomes complete.


Catherine Jabusch - The Woodland WandolierMy process is fueled by curiosity, fascination, and fun, as I tinker with materials and get lost in the flow of turning them into treasures that will be cherished.

It means everything to me that the attention and care I gave each piece is creating delight and joy. It’s my way of inviting you into my maker space where we do our respective spellwork, sip tea, and laugh like old friends. We might talk about myths and plot mischief, which all good lives require because...

"Secretly we're all a little more absurd than we make ourselves out to be." - JK Rowling 

I take great care to ensure that each item is lovingly created and received, starting with the materials I gather from the woodlands, and ending with my signature custom packaging. Wood is carved, enchanted with crystals and fey florals and woodland moss, each part painted with intention and intuition as I tap into my creative flow.


It’s in the swirl of many kinds of magic that I live.

Magical swirl


There’s the Practical Magic of nature that gives me healing teas, hair sticks and reminders that connection to the earth is grounding and merry making. 


The Personal Magic of creative flow, the kind that carries me along on dreams, rituals, wonder, and imagination.


And, of course, the Productive Magic of tending fires, exploring with my son, packaging orders, and supporting my family as The Woodland Wandolier.



My biggest wish is that my work brings some joy, a twinkle to your eye, that you explore more and that you imagine. Find a way to say yes to what feels good, what makes you happy, what makes you feel alive. If it takes a magic wand to make that happen, it’s my honor to be the artist who creates it for you. I’m happy to be the bridge, the portal, to lift the veil of fairies so you can step through!


Moon journal

This is your portal into a world where you are a force of nature. 

 As Roman Payne writes in The Wandress, "You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination."

 It’s time to step into your power


With mischief and mirth,